Working at the tribal casino in USA

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Tribal Casinos are one of the fastest growing markets in many states of the U.S., but if you want to work at one you need to understand what you’re signing for.  

Native American reservations are considered to be on their own sovereign soil – as if they are a foreign country. That’s why they can build casinos on their land and that’s why tribes usually do not subject to US employment laws.

Some states have specific contracts with tribes about casino employees (like Michigan). Other tribes have delegated the process to independent contractors, so employment laws are applicable there.

Also, if the tribe gets federal funding for casino or casino project, then they might have waived immunity.

Working at a tribal casino is not like working in Las Vegas. First, you need to get your Tribal Gaming License – it costs $200 to $350. The license is non-refundable, and you need a new license if you want to change a job and work at other tribal casino.

Another important point – tribal casinos have Native Preference. They’ll hire and promote people from their tribe first. So, if you’re not Native American, be wary of this – your career development can come to a standstill.

Also policies are different in tribal casinos. Tribes can opt out of any laws – like Fair Standards Act, Equal Employment Opportunity, etc. Sexual harassment claims are also proceeded differently.

In general, working for tribal casino can sometimes be risky because you have so few legal rights. Do you research about your perspective employer and make an informed decision!

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