Types of casino work: How to choose what’s best for you

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If you're considering job in gambling, choose wisely! Here are the most popular casino jobs with their pros and cons.


Gaming dealers

Dealers are the first job everyone imagines when they think of casino work. Casinos have a wide variety of different card games, roulettes and slot machines, so every game must have a trained and experienced dealer. Dealers need to be honest with patrons, so they go through a lot of background checks.

Dealers need to know rules of the games, procedures and rules of the casino. Also they must know local laws and regulations for gambling and follow them. Employers like their dealers to know more than one game, so they never stop learning.

It’s a very stressful and charged job. You’ll need to communicate to a lot of people. Sometimes patrons are angry because they lose money, sometimes they hit on dealers and perform sexual advances; you’ll need to shut them off politely.


Security/Surveillance officers

We all know casino security from movies – usually they try to stop the bad guys from stealing something. It’s a fairly accurate description, although the job is more boring – casino security ensures safety of casino’s money.

Surveillance officers watch the customers through the cameras to make sure they aren’t cheating. Most casinos have security cameras covering most of the territory, so the security needs to watch a lot of cameras.

Some officers are walking on the floor, sometimes dressed in casual clothes, “undercover”. They, too, need to know rules of the venue and some game rules.

Casinos hire fit and strong officers – sometimes they need to detain somebody or throw somebody out for misbehavior. Former law enforcement and military people are preferred, but not required.


Casino supervisors and managers

Supervisors work at the floor – sometimes they are called the pit bosses. They control and supervise dealers and other employees on the floor. They are also responsible for customer complaints, resolving issues, explaining rules and other stuff. To get this job you need some experience working as a dealer.

Casino managers operate on larger level – they control the supervisors, develop some of the casino’s rules and policies. You need a lot of experience in management and casinos to hold this job.


Cage cashiers

Cage workers are the cashiers who sell chips and tokens to patrons or to other workers to resale to clients and convert tokens and chips back to money.

They accept cash, credit cards or checks and do the proper verifications to make a transaction (recognise fake signatures or documents). Sometimes they even have to deal with wire transfers.

The cage worker may be responsible for the daily summaries to balance books.

Workers do their jobs in a secure “cage” to ensure their safety and safety of money. It’s somewhat a small space, so you need to be comfortable to work in a confined space all day long.

The cashier talks with people all the time, so he or she needs some good skills in communication.


Slot machines technicians

All the countless slot machines in casino need constant repair and upgrades. So, the slot technician installs machines, tests them, does maintenance and repairs if needed.

Job can be stressful when the technician needs to repair the machine at a busy casino. Also, sometimes patrons can be irritated with you when the machine is not working.

Background in mechanics and electronics is necessary for this job; also some casinos request an experience with gambling.

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