Tricks Casinos Use

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Casinos use a lot of tactics to attract customers and make them spend more money. You need to know the tricks to do your job successfully! Here are some of them:

Maze floor plans: Doors and passages are endless, carpets are ugly and psychedelic. Exit is not to be seen, so why not just sit and play? Also, if someone wants anything – restroom, bar, food, cash register – they need to go deeper inside the casino.

No sense of time: No clocks, no windows, stable temperature, same music… Time stands still in the casino. Note that dealers do not wear watches for these precise reasons – to keep patrons in as long as possible.

Free drinks: Drunk people spend more than sober ones. Drinks take very long to deliver, so the gambler  can spend a lot of money while waiting for his/her free beer or cocktail.

Pandering service: Doormen, dealers, waitresses, barmen – everyone is comforting, everybody tries to make patrons feel good and important.

Ambiance: Casino is always the same. Any hour of the day, it’s the same lights, music, smells, smiling workers…  They want clients to forget what’s happening on the outside.

Consolation prizes: Casinos make the high spenders good offers they cannot refuse – free hotel suites, food, drinks and other special treatment. They make big players stay in the casino longer, so they spend more and more. 

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