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Resumes should be kept short and concise, at one to two pages and only with the most relevant information. One of the worst things that can happen when you are applying for а job is to have the recruiter or hiring manager get bored reading your five page resume and then not interview you. Of course you have а lot of information to give and it can be very hard to pick out the most important details you want potential employers to know about you. That’s why we’ve done the hard part and compiled а list of the absolute must-haves for your resume or as some people like to call it CV. They have been presented in the order that is most commonly used.

1.    Header

You should always have your name, phone number and email at the top of your resume so that the person who is reading it knows who you are and how to reach you. The header is also а great way to help your resume stand out from others.  Also, if your resume runs across two pages, the second will also contain important information.

2.    Career Objective

Your potential employer wants to know what you are looking for and that you have  а career path in mind. You must also show that the position you are applying for is in line with that, or is at least a step in the right direction. It will let them know why you are interested in the position.

3.    Employment History

You should place three or four of your most recent job positions, starting from the most recent one. Make sure you list the company, the position you had, and а few short lines or bullet points about your responsibilities. These duties should also relate to the position that you are applying for.

4.    Volunteer/Intern Experience

You can include one or two of these types of positions just after the section of paid employment. You should add these experiences to your resume since they might be in different industries or areas than your employment history, and it will give your potential employer а glimpse into your interests outside of work. You might also get some great references from the people who ran these programs or people you worked with, and it will let the hiring manager know that there are people that they can ask for further information about how you perform in a work setting.

5.    Education

Post-secondary schooling is а great asset these days, and as a new graduate, this was your most recent activity, so definitely list your education history, what degree you graduated (or will graduate) with, as well as the years you attended that institution. You may notice that references were not included on the list. That’s not because they are unnecessary but rather that you can simply write references available upon request at the bottom of your resume so the interviewer knows that they are at least available. This phrase is also а good way to save space on the page for more relevant information.

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