How to get into the gaming industry

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So, you’ve decided that working in a casino could be your cup of tea. What to do next? This field grows fast – job listings appear every day. But it’s hard to find the perfect position just for you.

Start from scratch. Gaming industry is big on traditions, so it’s important to respect your seniors. Newly hired employee is unlikely to be hired as top management, with no experience in the industry. So, start seeking lower for your first job in gambling to get that valuable experience. That way you can get to popular casinos with time.

Top 5 CV tips

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Resumes should be kept short and concise, at one to two pages and only with the most relevant information. One of the worst things that can happen when you are applying for а job is to have the recruiter or hiring manager get bored reading your five page resume and then not interview you. Of course you have а lot of information to give and it can be very hard to pick out the most important details you want potential employers to know about you. That’s why we’ve done the hard part and compiled а list of the absolute must-haves for your resume or as some people like to call it CV.

How to angle for that higher salary

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You landed the interview, you impressed them with your credentials, skill set and enthusiasm, and now you have been called back for а second interview. You are now more confident that they might hire you. The problem is, you’d like more money than they’re prepared to offer. How do you convince the decision-makers to offer you а higher starting salary without taking yourself out of the running for the job?

It’s all in the preparation, attitude and presentation. Here are some tips.

1- Do your research