How Much Do Casino Dealers Make?

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It’s the question that’s always on your mind when you consider any job – especially casino dealer job. There is no clear answer, but we can help you with guidelines.

First think you need to know – the salary for dealing is not so big. Starting out you may get minimum wage; casinos give more with experience. In the US, average salary for a dealer is roughly $14,700 a year. But the real money comes from tips – with tips, you can get to $30,000 or $60,000, or even $100,000, depending on your experience, place of work and luck.

In UK, your starting salary will be around £11,500 to £18,500 a year. With experience you may be able to earn up to £25,000. Tips may bring you another £2000-3000.

Cruise ships contracts usually pay way more, with higher tips.

Biggest tips are commonly made dealing poker, but it’s a hard game by itself for the dealer, so these tips are rightfully earned.

For the average dealer, it doesn’t matter where you work: in big Vegas resort or small local casino. Yes, if you deal to VIPs in private room, it’s another story. But, on general floor, it all depends on how players like you. If you don’t like interacting with people, then dealing isn’t really a career for you.

Note that the high rollers don’t always give the best tips: sometimes lower-limit games attract more relaxed players, who like to have fun tipping. 

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