How it works: Casino Organization

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Casinos have their own management chain. If you’re new to casino business, it’s good to know who the boss is beforehand – so try to remember these positions before the interview!

Trainee Dealer. It’s the lowest position on casino food chain. Trainees get some learning, but mostly they are thrown onto a casino floor to practice actual games. They start at low pay and have high turnover.

Dealer. A trainee who knows three basic games (Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker) and can work without help becomes the dealer.

Inspector. In a few years dealers can become inspectors – overseeing others.

Pit Boss. This is a floor boss, who’s responsible for organizing the pit – area with game tables. Pit Boss doesn’t deal anymore.

Manager. He/she organizes the whole casino, handles hiring/firing emloyees, handles arguments and problems. Other tasks may include complementary service for VIP patrons.

Senior Manager. Makes decisions on credit limits, table limits, promotions – handles the financial stuff.

General Manager. Responsible for everything at the casino, including profitability. Implements new ideas.

Most casinos belong to big corporations so head offices deal with overall marketing and strategy.

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