How to get into the gaming industry

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So, you’ve decided that working in a casino could be your cup of tea. What to do next? This field grows fast – job listings appear every day. But it’s hard to find the perfect position just for you.

Start from scratch. Gaming industry is big on traditions, so it’s important to respect your seniors. Newly hired employee is unlikely to be hired as top management, with no experience in the industry. So, start seeking lower for your first job in gambling to get that valuable experience. That way you can get to popular casinos with time.

Follow the rules. Casinos are highly regulated. They deal with money all the time, that’s why you need to be careful and comply to all the policies and rules. Details matter!

Don’t be too friendly or too formal. Your attitude is important and may be the determinative factor in your employment. Be professional, but not too cold. Over-the-top personalities are not a good match for a casino too.

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