How does casino security work?

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Security is a big thing at casinos. There’s a lot of money in gaming business, encouraging people to do shady things – cheating, stealing and scamming.

On the casino floor security starts with dealers. They follow their game, spotting obvious cheaters. Pit bosses and managers watch over patrons and dealers, making sure they aren’t stealing or cheating. Overall, every employee at the casino has some higher-up person watching them.

Casinos are notorious for their wide use of video surveillance. Cameras watch every corner of the casino – every table, window and door. All of this is recorded, so at any moment security officers can review the tapes.

Slot machines are watched less closely, because they are computer-controlled. But that doesn’t mean no one watches it – “eye in the sky” surveillance sees it all!

Security also uses face recognition software – mostly to check suspicious people, when something is out of the ordinary. 

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