How to become a Casino Surveillance Operator

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Casinos have cameras almost everywhere; there’s no “blind spots”. Every gambling table, hallway, parking garage – everything in casino is covered by eye-in-the-sky, and everything is watched by surveillance operators.

A skilled surveillance operator can find a job basically in any casino – big or small. Also, surveillance operators are needed on cruises and racetracks. Everywhere where money changes hands someone needs to watch it!

If you work as a surveillance operator, every day you sit in a room with a lot of video monitors. You need to be familiar with every game to identify possible cheating. Watch for any kind of cheating, counting cards, theft, fraud, or any suspicious behavior. Not only players – staff needs to be watched too!

It’s your job to notice the smallest movements, and your eyes need to be on monitors all the time. Your attention can get you promoted and save a casino millions of dollars.

What do I need to become a Surveillance operator?

- Be attentive to details

- Know the rules of games

- Be a team player

- Keep your emotions in check

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