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Whatever casino dealer training you have (actually worked in a casino, learned to deal at home, or went to a casino dealing school and dealt at a casino night function), there are still certain protocol you need to follow. In the past, dealers were able to walk right into a club and audition, right then and there. It's not usually that easy any more. Blackjack dealer auditions are only slightly different than poker auditions. 


However, there is nothing wrong with walking up to a table games pit in the casino and asking the pit boos for the shift manager. Here is tip number one: tell the pit boss hat you are interested in coming to work at the casino and are interested in auditioning as a casino dealer. By saying this, you will find out several things, including whether the club offers on-the-spot blackjack dealer auditions, and whether the shift manager is busy. If you don't say why you want to see the shift manager and they are in a meeting, or having dinner and hurry to meet you, they may be less inclined to audition you. The second tip that goes here is wear the right clothes!

Make sure you know the chip denominations at the casino you are auditioning for. Be prepared.

What to Wear to a Dealer Audition

Although your chances of getting an interview or audition for a dealing job at the same time you meet the boss, is slim, what if you do? If you are wearing jeans and a tee shirt, your chances of getting hired drop considerably, and you won't be allowed to audition. Instead, wear traditional black and white dealer clothes. Many casinos have special uniforms for their dealers, but for those who are auditioning, black slacks and a white, long-sleeve shirt or blouse are standard. If you get lucky and can audition, you want to be able to step right into a game.

When you present yourself for an audition, the bosses will make the assumption that you are groomed and dressed like you will be for your first day at work. Make sure you are presentable. That means hair done nicely, hands clean - especially your nails, and not too much jewelry. Body piercings are not likely to help your case. Memorize the pit bosses names. If there is a problem or issue, use their name. That's impressive!

Casinos Hire Friendly Dealers

Customer service is the buzz word at every casino in the country. Once hired, you will interact directly with players and casino personnel their entire shift. A pleasant personality goes a long way! Obviously the first step is to smile. Improve your chances of being considered by being pleasant. Yes, you are nervous. No, that does not mean you can walk around with your head down and a frown. Keep your head up, that beautiful smile on your face, and be confident in your ability! 

When they tell you which game to push into, tap the existing dealer on the shoulder lightly and they will know you are pushing in. Once you have done that, don't look around the casino, because the experienced dealer is not going to back away from the game as soon as they are done with the hand. If you aren't looking, the game won't have a dealer. 

Greet the Players

This is your first test! Did you greet the players? Say hello as soon as you push into the game and add something like "How is everybody today?" That's lets them know you are friendly. Players hate dull, boring dealers. You've broken the ice, you'll be fine, but also make sure you know the table minimum and maximums.

Obviously you need to know what kind of games the club has, and which game you are pushing into. Wander outside the pit before you even introduce yourself so you know the single-deck games from the multi-deck games and the automatic shufflers. The casino may also offer bonuses. If they do, learn the bet and all payoffs before you take an audition! And, before you deal, sweep your hand across the layout and make sure the players have their bets down and are ready. Players tend to let their minds wander when a new dealer comes in.

Don't Worry about House Procedures

Once you get hired, you need to memorize and adhere to every house dealing procedure perfectly. Today, don't worry about it. The bosses know you are not fully acquainted with their exact rules. They want to see you interact with the players. They want to see your manual dexterity and proficiency handling the cards. They want to see that you can set-up clean double downs and splits. Speed is important, but don't run-over yourself. Deal slowly enough that your cards are neatly aligned and the pit boss can read them.

Handling the chips is a main factor of dealing blackjack. You need to make change correctly, size into each bet, and use your tray correctly. If you are sloppy or drop the chips, that's a huge mark against you. Be prepared by practicing your chip cutting for many hours before doing any dealer audition. If you don't chips, go to a casino and buy some $1 chips and take them home with you. This helps, because they will be the same chips you audition with, and chip weights do vary.

Practice with your chips on a slightly padded surface. Set up bets, size into them, and make sure you can cut chips very well.

Know Your Blackjack Payoffs

Blackjack dealers should obviously know Blackjack. The final thing that bosses look for is a new dealer's ability to do math. Whether you have a "live" audition on a game, or get an audition in the pit office or training room, you'll need to be dressed, groomed, and ready to deal. And, you need to know your payouts...  you are likely to see a $125 bet with a blackjack. What's the payoff? Blackjack pays 7.5 to 5, or 3 for 2. Blackjack on $125 pays $187.50

Expect to get several blackjack amounts thrown at you. Payoff for $25 ($37.50), payoff for $90 ($135), etc. Know them perfectly. If you are ready for an audition, you know that even-money may be offered. As for insurance, an insurance bet is up to half the original wager. What's the right amount for a $45 bet? Well that's $22.50 - $100 bet is $50 for insurance. A winning insurance bet pays 2 to 1, but you're ready, you already knew that.

What to Say when you Leave

At the end of your audition, clear your hands, thank the players, and wish them good luck. Thank the dealer and the pit boss, by name if possible. Make sure you have the shift manager's name, even if you have to ask one of the other bosses at this point. Memorize it, you may need to use it at a later time to identify who auditioned you. If you get asked later and have no clue, well, that's a mark against you.

Final Note: No matter how your audition went, smile and be confident. Dealers who interact with the players and can smile and talk to the bosses are more likely to be hired. Even if you aren't that proficient with the cards and the chips, that can be learned with experience. A grumpy dealer with good skills is less likely to be hired. Personality can't be managed by the bosses. Only you can manage your personality! Manage it well and you'll find a job.

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