Dealer Mistakes: How to Fix It

by admin / Aug 12, 2015 / 0 comments

Casino dealers need to be perfectionists at their job – they need to do a minimum of three things simultaneously: dealing cards, moving chips, sweeping, pitching cards, monitoring the players protecting the game from cheaters, etc. And being friendly and welcoming also!

When the stakes are high and players are emotional, it’s easy to forget something.

All dealers are human and, of course, they make mistakes.  But, in casino, a misdeal can make a player win or lose a whole fortune.

But don’t be scared - mistakes are a part of the job! Dealers make mistakes every day. But you need to know how to fix them.

I still make them on a daily basis and I’ve been doing this forever. The most important thing I can stress to a new dealer is to never fix your own mistakes. That can get you fired more than anything.

So, if you made a mistake as a dealer, just own it up! But don’t correct it – immediately call a supervisor and let him deal with it. Supervisor needs to correct mistakes of the dealer, so that all players are satisfied. 

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