Cruise Casino Dealers – possibly the best job in the world!

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Can you travel the world, meet new people, play casino games and get paid for it too? It’s real! Being a dealer at cruise ship may be fun and lucrative job for enthusiastic and nice person. Casino dealers on cruise ships travel and have fun all year round!

Travel is the main attraction of cruise ship jobs. It’s a cheap way to travel to a lot of cities and countries in comfort and style, get to know different cultures and different people. Meet people from all over the world, talk to them, and get to know them… It’s a great experience for those who like communicating with people. This job gives you a new perspective on the whole world.

A lot of cities and even countries haven’t legalized the gambling industry yet, so it’s your chance to bring your job with you when you travel!

Most cruise ships have casinos on board – they’re not just big hotels, they are big entertainment centers! Deal blackjack in the Caribbean Sea or spin the roulette in the Mediterranean Sea, or operate slot machines in the Atlantic Ocean… Adventure waits for you at every step of your cruise!

Job responsibilities

Working a cruise dealer job is in some ways is easier than on land. Casinos at ships are usually open only in the evening and/or at night. Also, this depends on the ship: European ships are easier because their clientele is more senior, at the same time Caribbean cruises have longer work hours. When the ship is in port casinos are closed – you’re free to explore the city!

Salary varies greatly between ships, regions and companies – but a better part of the income is made from tips. That’s why you need to always be exceptionally friendly and charismatic, and always polite, even outside of your work hours.

You need to have some experience in land casinos to be hired (and no sea sickness!). So, if you have necessary qualifications, go for it, it’s worth trying!

Welcome aboard!


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