Cocktail Waitress Job At The Casino

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Casino employs not only dealers – there are a lot of other jobs at casinos, like barmen, waitresses and technicians. Cocktail waitress job can be fun and rewarding way to earn your living – it’s stable and very well paid. In Las Vegas this job can be considered a career!

To work as a casino waitress you don’t need a higher education or certificates – it’s a perfect entry-level job. A lot of casinos train their own servers and don’t need previous experience. Although with the experience you can have more money in tips and maybe even salary.

Like casino dealer jobs, waitress' income depends on tips – often they make more than their supervisors.

Money varies depending on region and casino. Big casinos may have bigger benefits, but most casinos pay waitresses close to minimum wage. So most of the income comes from tips, and that depends on casino level, number of players and their mood.

At a small casino waitress can get to know players better, have regulars that tip well. At a big resort there are a lot of players, so the waitress can make a living of the sheer number of players. In the US, casino waitress can have more than $100,000 income.

The schedule can be brutal – often you’ll work all night and sleep all day. It’s not easy handling heavy trays while wearing high heels and trying to look presentable and glamorous, remembering all the orders, cleaning up tables, etc.

Also, cocktail servers deal with stares and handsy customers – turning them away politely is a skill you’ll need to master.

Be friendly, honest and reliable – and good luck!

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