Calming Down The Angry Customer: Casino Edition

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Casinos are the places where people drink a lot of alcohol and deal with intensive emotions, such as winning and losing. If you work at the casino, it’s your job to deal with upset and sometimes rude customers every day.

Casinos are taking a lot of people’s money and offer them free alcohol instead; so it’s natural that sometimes players get really angry. If you’re a dealer, you just got their money off the table – and often players blame you. So, to be a dealer you need to learn to deal with aggressive customers.

So, what to do?

Cocktail Waitress Job At The Casino

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Casino employs not only dealers – there are a lot of other jobs at casinos, like barmen, waitresses and technicians. Cocktail waitress job can be fun and rewarding way to earn your living – it’s stable and very well paid. In Las Vegas this job can be considered a career!

To work as a casino waitress you don’t need a higher education or certificates – it’s a perfect entry-level job. A lot of casinos train their own servers and don’t need previous experience. Although with the experience you can have more money in tips and maybe even salary.

The New York Times: Between Win and Lose, the Casino Dealer

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Over the course of his career at the Jackson Rancheria Casino and Hotel in Jackson, Calif., Joe Hebel has been seen as a harbinger of fortune, a liaison to luck and the sweetest angel known to man.

He has also been called a good-for-nothing imbecile, an honorary member of Satan’s disciples, and the kind of thief who makes the outlaw Jesse James look like the Jesse who stole your lunch money in the third grade. Such is life as a casino dealer.

How Much Do Casino Dealers Make?

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It’s the question that’s always on your mind when you consider any job – especially casino dealer job. There is no clear answer, but we can help you with guidelines.

First think you need to know – the salary for dealing is not so big. Starting out you may get minimum wage; casinos give more with experience. In the US, average salary for a dealer is roughly $14,700 a year. But the real money comes from tips – with tips, you can get to $30,000 or $60,000, or even $100,000, depending on your experience, place of work and luck.

How does casino security work?

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Security is a big thing at casinos. There’s a lot of money in gaming business, encouraging people to do shady things – cheating, stealing and scamming.

On the casino floor security starts with dealers. They follow their game, spotting obvious cheaters. Pit bosses and managers watch over patrons and dealers, making sure they aren’t stealing or cheating. Overall, every employee at the casino has some higher-up person watching them.

How to get into the gaming industry

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So, you’ve decided that working in a casino could be your cup of tea. What to do next? This field grows fast – job listings appear every day. But it’s hard to find the perfect position just for you.

Start from scratch. Gaming industry is big on traditions, so it’s important to respect your seniors. Newly hired employee is unlikely to be hired as top management, with no experience in the industry. So, start seeking lower for your first job in gambling to get that valuable experience. That way you can get to popular casinos with time.

Why are casino tables green?

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According to color psychology studies, green color is calm and refreshing. This color is the easiest for human eyes, because it’s the color of nature.

Usually the material used on card tables is Baize. It was traditionally used to cover snooker tables, because it caused friction for balls. The material was dyed green because it’s mimicking a lawn.

This material is used on card tables too – it helps cards to slide easily. Some researchers say that card games were played illegally on pool tables, so when cops showed up players could easily brush everything off.

Casino Dealer Job: It's Not Always Fun

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There are a lot of great things about being a dealer – it’s a fun and rewarding job. But, as always, there are not as attractive parts of the job.

Being on your feet all day long can be tedious. Poker dealers can deal the game while sitting, but most of the dealers stand on their feet for the entire shift. You’ll get breaks though – typical shifts are 1 hour working and 20 minutes rest. So, basically, you’re standing 8-10 hours a night.

Tricks Casinos Use

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Casinos use a lot of tactics to attract customers and make them spend more money. You need to know the tricks to do your job successfully! Here are some of them:

Maze floor plans: Doors and passages are endless, carpets are ugly and psychedelic. Exit is not to be seen, so why not just sit and play? Also, if someone wants anything – restroom, bar, food, cash register – they need to go deeper inside the casino.

Cruise Casino Dealers – possibly the best job in the world!

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Can you travel the world, meet new people, play casino games and get paid for it too? It’s real! Being a dealer at cruise ship may be fun and lucrative job for enthusiastic and nice person. Casino dealers on cruise ships travel and have fun all year round!