Casino Work: Pros and Cons

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Working in gambling industry has its advantages and disadvantages. Some of them are similar to any job in hospitality, some are particular to casinos.

  • Bright environment

If you’re an extroverted person who likes big crowds and communicating with people, if you don’t mind the cigarette smoke and tons of alcohol around, casino might be the job for you!

  • Emotions overload

Casino employees see and interact with a lot of people – some of them just lost their life savings and some just won a jackpot. This may be a problem if you’re too receptive to emotions and get emotionally exhausted easily.

  • Limits in locations

In a lot of countries gaming industry is limited by law to a few locations – like Nevada in the US. So, if you’re not willing to relocate, it’ll be hard to find a job in a place with no gambling sphere.

  • Licenses

Most of countries require a license for casino employers. Even service staff sometimes has to be licensed. 

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