Casino Dealer Job: It's Not Always Fun

by admin / Jul 29, 2015 / 0 comments

There are a lot of great things about being a dealer – it’s a fun and rewarding job. But, as always, there are not as attractive parts of the job.

Being on your feet all day long can be tedious. Poker dealers can deal the game while sitting, but most of the dealers stand on their feet for the entire shift. You’ll get breaks though – typical shifts are 1 hour working and 20 minutes rest. So, basically, you’re standing 8-10 hours a night.

Patrons aren’t always in a good temper. Often players get angry at dealers for their own bad luck – and if you do make mistake they can get even angrier. Mostly they are drunk, because casinos usually provide free alcohol.

The job can be emotionally exhausting – seeing people lose their money every day and taking that money from them can be hard. Also, casinos watch their dealers very closely, protecting their money from theft – so be ready to be under surveillance all the time.

It’s legal to smoke in a lot of casinos, so if you don’t like breathing constant cigarette smoke, than it’s not a job for you.  

Casinos work on night shifts, and this schedule may conflict with your family and friend’s schedules. It’s sometimes lonely and emotionally draining. Choose yourself, if you really want to be a night owl and sleep through the day.

Boredom. Basically any job can be boring if you’re doing it long enough. Playing one or two games every day can get old quickly. So, if you’re getting bored, try talking to players and learn something about them! 

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