Casino Cashiers Safety

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Casino cashiers sit in a “cage”, and are often referred to as a “cash cage”. They are providing patrons with chips in exchange for cash, and cashing out their winnings.

Bars that surround the cashier do prevent robberies. It keeps the potential robber from reaching into the cage or touching the cashier. This creates a separation between customer and employee too.

Casinos make a lot of profit from big players, so-called “whales” – businessmen, politicians, celebrities etc. They can lose millions of dollars in one gambling session, so they need to be protected while they gamble. That’s why casinos need secure and safe cage.

Also, lining the cage with bars serves another purpose – casinos are big, and customers can always tell where the cashier is.

Main cage is always located against the wall, for additional safety. Satellite cages can be located anywhere in a casino, like in the middle of a floor, but their services are limited – they may not be able to do transactions with credit, certain chips, checks or other unusual transactions. 

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