Calming Down The Angry Customer: Casino Edition

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Casinos are the places where people drink a lot of alcohol and deal with intensive emotions, such as winning and losing. If you work at the casino, it’s your job to deal with upset and sometimes rude customers every day.

Casinos are taking a lot of people’s money and offer them free alcohol instead; so it’s natural that sometimes players get really angry. If you’re a dealer, you just got their money off the table – and often players blame you. So, to be a dealer you need to learn to deal with aggressive customers.

So, what to do?

Do not tell the patron to chill out or calm down. Saying this is really bad – it invalidates their emotions and feelings. This will only increase the anger.

Let them complain and vent. Just listen to them, don’t try to stop them all the time. Treat every complaint as credible, even if it’s silly. Once you let people vent, often they calm down. If the patron is screaming, just ask him/her politely and calmly why are they so angry, try to get them to explain their problem, and then validate it. “I understand”, “You’re right” – it’s perfect words to say now.

Do not diminish their anger, try to look from their point of view – they have a right to their emotions, and their feelings are valid, even if this seems ridiculous.

Do not take anything personally – it’s not you who’s bad, it’s the situation. For them, you represent the situation, but not as a person. Don’t let them affect you.

Stay calm and quiet, don’t raise your voice, don’t show emotions on your face. Just mirror their statements in more calm way. If the person complains you took all their money say “You’re right, I hate losing money too”. Next – let them know they have some choices here and offer a compromise. Let them speak to the manager, or to helpdesk – and make sure they’re treated seriously.

Offer some complement, like a meal in the buffet or restaurant, free drink or even free hotel number – that way they’re walking away with something. 

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