Ace your interview for a casino job!

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Working in a gambling industry has many benefits – it’s fun, profitable and doesn’t require a university degree. So, naturally, casino job openings are very popular. If you really want to get that job and you’ve already got an interview scheduled, you’ll need to prepare!

What to wear

Dress to your best! Casino dealers work with people all the time, so they need to look good. Don’t show up in flip-flops, cargo shorts or sweatpants! Better be overdressed then underdressed.

For men – better to wear white button-up shirt and black pants with black shoes. Shave your face, wash your hair! Shirt needs to be crisp and clean.

Women – appropriate business attire, modest makeup, and nice hair. If you have long hair, better do a bun, so the hair doesn’t cover your face.  

Make sure your hands and nails are clean! People always look at dealer’s hands.

If recruiters like you enough, most of the times they’ll ask you to step in the game.  

The game

When you’re at the table, tap the working dealer on the shoulder lightly and then wait until they’re done with the hand. Don’t look around, pay attention to the table and be ready to step in any minute!

Greet the players, say "hello, how are you?" and start dealing! If you’re nervous, you can say “Hello, I’m here for an audition, I’m a little nervous but we’ll have a good time!” Wish the players good luck. It’s better than to be sulky and silent.

If you’re not sure what to do at any moment, just stop and think. Still not sure? Ask a dealer who stepped off for help. Remember – the game must go on flawlessly!

When it’s time for you to go, thank the players and wish them luck.

Smile and talk

Main thing is – be confident, smile and talk to your customers! Engage in conversation while keeping the game flowing. Be friendly to everyone, including players, pit bosses and HR. Casinos need dealers to “sell” the game and keep people playing the longer the better.

What NOT to do

Some tips on what not to do on an interview.

 –   Don’t wear a new dress shirt out of the box! Wash it first or it’ll have visible creases and pin holes

 –   Don’t gamble before or after the interview

 –   Don’t listen to the music in your headphones while waiting

 –   Don’t be grumpy

 –   Don’t wear too much makeup or have your hair dyed unnatural colors

 –   Don’t wear too much perfume

Good luck!

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