Accidents and Injuries in Casinos

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Working in the casino is fun, but sometimes there can be a negative side. Rarely, but the workplace injuries happen. Some of the most common injuries in casino include:

  • Violent behavior of patrons leading to employee’s injuries. Free drinks, money and a big crowd can be dangerous if it goes out of control
  • Slip and fall accidents. Wet floors, torn carpets, lots of stairs and high heels on a waitresses or performance artists sometimes cause this. Usually these incidents are not dangerous, but sometimes they result in something serious, like a broken bone.
  • Casino equipment runs on electricity, and if it’s broken, it can cause an electric shock.
  • Injuries from a repetitive motion. Dealers and cashiers can get a carpal tunnel syndrome and/or muscle damage from doing same motions all the time.
  • Swimming pool areas can be dangerous to be around
  • If you’re a dealer on a cruise ship, that’s a whole other bunch of risks – from falling overboard to injuring during a roll or having sea sickness.

Know your risks and be safe working at the casino!

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